As Cape Town faces a drought which has caused severe water shortages, here at The Bay Hotel we have been proactive in taking a stance to considerably reduce our water usage.

Greywater System Project

An ambitious greywater project is underway to ensure catchment of all grey water, filtration and its reuse from our on-site laundry and other sources. This water will be re-distributed after filtration to assist the local sports fields.

Lounger Cushions

New lounger cushions were commissioned with an easy clean material. A saving of almost 20L per unit.

Water Wagon

Investment in a water wagon, which is now used to transport treated non-potable water to refill our pools.


We have moved away from using reusable linen napkins to recycled paper napkins. Thus saving on the water that would have been previously been used during the washing process.

Pool Blankets

All pools are fitted with pool blankets to ensure minimum evaporation when not in use.

Guest Info

Information in the form of signs and stickers are in use throughout the hotel to make our guests aware and inform how to practice water wise usage during their stay.