Padel Court

Introducing the newest and exhilarating edition to The Bay Hotel, Africa Padel has brought the world’s fastest-growing sport - played in over 60 countries and by more than 10 million people – to Africa.

International standard, quality facilities planted in Africa’s most prime locations. Their designs represent Africa’s natural beauty; the red clay represents the earth, grey represents the rocks of Africa and white represents the sandy beaches of Cape Town. Padel is a mixture of “tennis with walls” and “squash in the sun”.

Men, women, families and friends with a desire to invest in a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a healthy social life. Africa Padel is where your physical wellbeing meets mental wellbeing.

Their arenas are the social part of padel, where padel players and spectators can socialise with other like-minded people, make new friends or expand business networks by creating new connections, while having fun through a shared passion for padel and healthy lifestyles on and off the court. There is no better way to build sustainable, lifelong business relationships than through a shared interest.

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