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Interview with Caamil, the barman at Caamil’s Bar

Caamil, the sign here says that you’re famously knows as “the Best Barman in Cape Town” Why is this do you think?
Caamil:  Because I make the best cocktails and I am a connossieur of cognacs, single malts and wine. 

Do you go for regular tastings?
Yes, besides for holding my NC national qualifications, I attend wine and whiskey tastings and I meet wine partners monthly.

What else makes you an amazing barman?
I’ve broken records in selling Cuban cigars and beverage record sales per night. I’ve won wonderful prizes, including a weekend stay at a hotel with my family and a lot of spending money!  I can read my customers, I have built up a loyal following and I offer them first-class service here at Caamil’s Bar.

Name the cocktail you most like to make for your customers?
Pride of the Bamboo, which is made up of:
• A tot of cane
• Lime
• Peppermint Liqueur
• Blue caracao
• Lemonade
• A cherry and a slice of lemon to garnish

What makes Caamil’s Bar so special?
The amazing selection of cognacs and whiskies, the unbeatable personalised service, the unique atmosphere, the beautiful fireplace and candlelit lounging areas, creating an ambience unrivalled in Cape Town.

I’ve heard that you have a loyal following of customers?
Yes, for example, I have some ladies here tonight who come and stay at The Bay Hotel once a month and dine with me right here in Caamil’s Bar!  They are restauranteurs themselves and own a very successful restaurant.